About The Library Diary

My name is Daina Grazulis, and I am an aspiring academic librarian living in Scarborough, Maine. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile who loves libraries and everything they stand for. I worked part-time at the Windham Public Library for six months, but left in order to pursue a full-time job with benefits. I created The Library Diary to not only stay involved in the field while I am employed elsewhere, but also to spread the word about what libraries can do for EVERYONE.

What Is The Library Diary?

A Library Blog for Non-Librarians

The Library Diary is a blog written for every day (non-librarian) library users. While researching online, I was hard pressed to find a blog about libraries not meant for librarians. Policy and theory debates are probably interesting for readers with a career in the field, but for everyone else they can be quite boring. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for….I decided to make it myself! Enter: The Library Diary. If there are any topics you want to learn more about in the library world, please let me know and I will do my best to research and post about it. In the mean time, read on my people, read on.


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